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Raise Sickle Cell Awareness by Launching Your Own Podcast

August 23, 2016 by Andrea
Photo: stocksnap.io

Photo: stocksnap.io

There are podcasts for just about everything -- entrepreneurship, murder mysteries, financial planning, politics, we could go on and on. And although these web-based radio shows hit the scene more than 10 years ago and have surged in popularity, it's still difficult to find any that center around sickle cell. In fact, we were only able to find two: Axis Advocacy and WDC Radio (the latter of which, Xickle sponsored at one point). There were other clinical and general podcasts that had addressed the topic before, but no others with the sole mission of raising awareness of SCD. 

For a disease that directly affects about 100,000 people in the U.S., alone, there definitely needs to be more attention on it in this space. If you've been considering new ways of spreading the word about SCD, starting a podcast may just be the way to go. Here's how you can get started:

1. Choose Your Format
Will you stick with interviews each episode? Will there be more than one host? How long will each episode last, and how often will you upload new ones? Create a plan for your podcast and keep these questions in mind. You may also want to create an editorial calendar for the first few episodes to get the ideas flowing.

2. Build Your Brand
As with any product -- tangible or otherwise -- you'll need to develop a brand presence. First, determine what you'll name your show, and once you've done that, create a logo for it (or have a talented friend create one for you). The next step would be to write up an accompanying description for your podcast to make it easier for people to find it.

3. Gather Your Goods
To record a professional-sounding podcast, you'll need to upgrade that standard mic that's built in to your computer, and opt for one that will produce high-quality audio. You'll also need to invest in headphones, as well as production software. Production software helps not only with recording the episodes, but also with editing them into their final product.

Once your first (and subsequent) episode is in the metaphorical can, be sure to add it to directories, such as iTunes, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Then, promote the mess out of it on social media to start building your audience.

Why not start today?

For a complete guide to launching and growing your podcast, check out Shopify's step-by-step handbook, here.

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