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  1. Reflecting on Sickle Cell Research, News, and More: A Year in Review

    January 2, 2018 by Andrea


    Like many of you, we're ringing in the new year with a little bit of reflection. We reached many milestones in 2017, including entering the second phase of our clinical trial and being recognized as a "promising new drug for the treatment of sickle cell disease." 

    Plus, we published more than 50 new posts about sickle cell news, research, and more. As part of our period of reflection, we decided to comb through all of those posts from the past year to find the 12 most popular ones. So, in case you missed any (or you'd like to read them again) here they are: a collection of articles that received the most eyes and the most engagement throughout the 1-7. 

    1. New Video Game Aims to Infuse Fun with Sickle Cell Awareness 

    2. How Sickle Cell Research May Lead to a Cure for HIV-1 

    3. How One Sickle Cell Warrior Turned Her Health Status Into a Thriving Business 

    4. Gene Therapy Reverses French Teen’s Sickle Cell 

    5. How to Turn the March for Science’s Actions into Sickle Cell Activism 

    6. Sickle Cell and Menstruation: How to Raise Awareness and Advocate for Better Care 

    7. 4 Tips That Make Managing Sickle Cell at College Simpler Than You Thought 

    8. 3 Ways to Cope with Sickle Cell Pain — That Aren’t Meditation 

    9. T-Boz Releases New Memoir Just in Time for Sickle Cell Awareness Month 

    10. 12-Year-Old Writes Comic Book to Help Kids Battle Their Illnesses 

    11. The McCourty Twins are Coming Through with a New SCD Fundraiser 

    12. The Black Panther Party and Its Dedication to Sickle Cell Awareness 

    While 2017 definitely had its challenges, just taking even a few minutes of reflection to consider all that you've accomplished in the past 12 months can leave you with so much more hope, determination, and motivation. Use that newfound positivity to push through this new year and make 2018 even better than the last.

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