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  1. How One Sickle Cell Warrior Turned Her Health Status Into a Thriving Business

    February 27, 2017 by Andrea
    sickle cell warrior Toyosin

    Photo: Instagram/thewarriorstoryng (Sickle cell warrior, Toyosi Ogunemeka)


    Nigeria has the largest population of sickle cell warriors in the whole world. In fact, more than 150,000 babies are born with sickle cell each year. One of those adult warriors is working to increase awareness of SCD in her native country through her start-up, Toyo Medical Techs, which supplies health-related products that help treat, diagnose, and evaluate conditions like sickle cell disease.

    In an interview with She Leads Africa, Toyo Medical Tech's founder, Toyosi Ogunemeka, discussed her journey toward entrepreneurship, the toll it sometimes takes on her, and how she pushes through. "Every business, especially at the start-up stage is very stressful and challenging. In my business, I have to do a lot of running around and drive long distances," she told SLA. "There are days I feel overwhelmed and break down; there are also days I get comments like, 'I love what you do; keep it up' and that just makes my day."

    Armed with a graduate degree in biomedical engineering and inspired by her own regular hospital stays, Toyosi was motivated to improve the conditions she, herself, had experienced in the health care system of her home country. Her goal? To bolster Nigeria's healthcare technology, and get it on par with that of foreign countries, which already have such tech in place.

    Besides running her main business, Toyosi also manages a sickle cell awareness profile on Instagram, called The Warrior Story NG. Described as a nonprofit e-community, Toyosi's Instagram profile features a weekly series called, #AskTheDoctorFriday, in which the guest doctor of the day discusses a certain medical issue and answers followers' questions in the comments section of the post. Other posts include conversations about medicines, support groups, and research advancements, just to name a few.

    Read the original article here for even more insight into the strength and drive of this warrior-business leader.

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