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  1. The Sickle-Cell Friendly Workout: Yoga

    July 17, 2014 by Andrea


    With the onset of summer comes ample opportunities for staying fit and having fun times in the sunshine -- from walking to running to biking to hiking and more. Problem is, when you have sickle cell disease, the combination of strenuous exercise and searing heat will most likely lead to a crisis. But just because you have sickle cell doesn't mean you can't exercise at all; in fact, the CDC recommends that you do! In its "Living Well with Sickle Cell Disease Self-Care Toolkit," there's a list of ways that exercise is good for people with SCD: exercise can improve your overall health, reduce your risk of illness, help with your weight management, and increase your endurance, among many other things. 

    So, how can you keep your body in great shape without sending it into turmoil? 

    Try yoga. 

    A low-impact form of exercise, yoga can not only help strengthen and tone your muscles, but it can also reduce stress, increase circulation, improve flexibility, and promote relaxation -- something that is much-needed to avoid triggering a crisis. Check out the simple yoga videos below, and then talk to your doctor and ask him or her for advice/suggestions on finding a yoga studio in your area. Enjoy the journey! 

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