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  1. University Student Develops New Sickle Cell Testing Device

    September 14, 2015 by Andrea
    Cell phone photo: CreateHER Stock

    Cell phone photo: CreateHER Stock

    There have been so many amazing contributions to the awareness of sickle cell disease this month and this week, we'd like to spotlight a recent post from Vanderbilt Hustler, the official student newspaper of Vanderbilt University. On September 12, this paper featured one of the school's current students named Kevin Cyr, and his newly developed device "that could revolutionize the diagnosis of sickle cell disease across the globe."

    How is Kevin's instrument different from others already out there? According to the article, Kevin's version is less expensive to produce -- it consists of a plastic casing with an enclosed test strip -- making it more feasible to produce in large quantities and therefore more easily accessible to all affected populations.

    "Although the device still needs some fine-tuning," the Vanderbilt Hustler reports, "Cyr has seen promising early results. Currently he boasts an accuracy rate of 92.8 percent." Read the full article here.

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