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  1. 4 Life-Changing Reasons to Send Your Sickle Cell Warriors to Summer Camp

    June 22, 2015 by Andrea


    summer camp post reasons

    Summer camp is like a right of passage for every child and kids with sickle cell are no different. Check out our list of camps to choose from -- that are perfect for kids with sickle cell -- and then, once you've made a decision, rest easy knowing that the time your son or daughter spends there this summer will be their best. week. ever.

    1. Their Self-Confidence Will Skyrocket. 
    Besides being around other kids with sickle cell and knowing that they're not alone in their struggles, campers will also have a chance to actively participate in many activities that, outside of camp, they may be too intimidate to try for fear of launching a crisis. Under the guidance of trained staff and medical professionals, however, campers (and their parents) can feel more at ease with swimming, hiking, horseback riding, and so much more!

    2. They'll Become Masters of Their Own Fates.
    A lot of times, your kids can feel like they have no control over their own bodies. If they get too cold, too hot, too dehydrated, or too active, they could go into crisis mode. Before attending camp, just doing nothing can seem a whole lot easier. At camp, though, your children will learn that giving in to fear can keep them from living a fulfilling life. Instead of letting anxiety and worry run the show, campers will gain valuable skills for managing their disease on their own, including how to avoid certain triggers, how to advocate for themselves and obtain proper medical care, and how to cope with SCD as a whole. 

    3. They'll Embrace a Bright Future.
    Armed with knowledge and newly revived self-confidence, kids with sickle cell will gain more independence and be able to see that with the proper medical care, they will be able to live long, productive lives. Not only will they practice such independence by doing their part in the camp community, such as keeping their bunks clean and helping to set tables for dinner, but they'll also be encouraged to explore their interests, which could help them discover what they may want to pursue in life: Arts and crafts may unleash their inner illustrator. Computer time may ignite a passion for engineering. Science projects may unearth a hidden talent for chemistry.

    4. They'll Have a Blast.
    Most importantly, your kids will be free of constantly thinking about their sickle cell disease for a full week. They'll be much too consumed with trying new activities, making new friends, exploring a different place, and feeling a part of something.

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