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  1. How Creativity Can Help Continue the Fight for Increased Sickle Cell Awareness

    April 6, 2015 by Andrea
    Notebook Photo: Markus Spiske / raumrot.com / CC-BY 2.0; Additions by Andrea Butler

    Notebook Photo: Markus Spiske / raumrot.com / CC-BY 2.0; Additions by Andrea Butler

    We've talked about how art and music therapy can benefit those living with sickle cell, and we've also brought you news of a feature film all about SCD. This week -- just one week out from Advocacy Day 2015 -- we're shining a light on two sickle cell warriors who are using their creative gifts to spread the word about SCD and contribute to educating others about the disease. As you prepare for Advocacy Day, watch the videos below and get hyped and ready to continue the fight for sickle cell awareness all around the globe. 

    Dr. La'Veda Wallace-Page (AKA Sickle Siren) has channeled her pain, motivation, and life lessons into the creation of her very own stage play, Crisis and Courage. Structured as a series of monologues (similar to the play, For Colored Girls by Ntozake Shange), this play shares Dr. Wallace-Page's experiences as a sickle cell soldier -- the struggling and the overcoming -- and features several performers. The play initially debuted last summer, but be sure to follow Dr. Wallace-Page on Facebook and Twitter to learn about upcoming performance dates, times, and venues.

    Jeremy R. Sheppard not only creates music (here's a snippet of a song he wrote inspired by his life with sickle cell), but last September, he also developed a short film about sickle cell called Super Sickler. In it, Jeremy portrays sickle cell as a couple of gangsters that come after him, imprisoning him in a dark basement, beating him up, and threatening to end his life right on the spot. Of course, Jeremy fights back and to demonstrate his struggle against the disease, Jeremy transforms himself (and his doctor) into a superhero and goes on the offense, seeking out the sickle cell gang, fighting them off, and winning. See the entire film below:

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