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  1. This UK-Based Org. Uses Stories to Promote Successful Change in Healthcare

    February 19, 2018 by Andrea

    everyone has a story

    "Everybody has a story. And there's something to be learned from every experience." - Oprah 

    One of the most effective ways of connecting with others can be through storytelling. It allows us to envision ourselves in similar circumstances as the people in the stories and better empathize with what those people may be going through, learn from their experiences, and/or spur us to get involved in something we may never have considered before. In fact, Oprah Winfrey has built an empire by sharing her story, as well as those of countless others, to inspire, motivate, unite, and initiate progress. 

    Incorporating a similar premise, the Cambridge, England-based organization Patient Voices, which has been at work since 2003, seeks to record and share stories of patients living with various conditions for the purpose of helping improve the quality of healthcare and gather valuable insights for research reasons. 

    One segment of stories they produce called "Terrific Teens" is part of a larger project that also involves workshops for the teen patients and their families -- and of the two conditions featured in this collection (so far), one compiles the stories of teen sickle cell warriors. Told in short videos, each one ranging in length from one-and-a-half minutes to three-and-a-half minutes, each teens' story gives a glimpse into their lives, their experiences with crises, and how they cope and continue to push through daily to lives their best lives despite challenges. 

    To listen to the individual stories of these teen warriors, their parents, and their siblings, click here

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