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  1. The McCourty Twins are Coming Through with a New SCD Fundraiser

    November 13, 2017 by Andrea
    Photos: Instagram/mccourtytwins; ISlide

    Photos: Instagram/mccourtytwins; ISlide

    NFL stars Devin and Jason McCourty are always representing the SCD cause through their Tackle Sickle Cell campaign, which, according to their website "aims to educate the public, increase blood donations, and raise money and awareness" for this inherited disorder. They first became aware of sickle cell as kids because their father carried the trait and an aunt and uncle lived with the disease. "I remember we took a blood test at 5 years old to see if we carried the trait, as well, and it was a relief when we learned we didn’t,” Devin stated on their website, tacklesicklecell.org. Jason continued, "Growing up, we were very close to our aunt Winifred, and she battles with the disease daily going through many trials and tribulations. Her passion to keep fighting through everything that comes her way has driven us to try to make a difference and draw awareness to the terrible disease."

    Besides their periodic casino night-themed fundraisers and hosted blood drives, this year, as Boston's Fox 25 News reports, the duo has partnered up with ISlide4Good to sell their own custom flip-flops. Each pair sells for $49.99 with Tackle Sickle Cell receiving $20 of each sale to put toward the Embrace Kids Foundation and sickle cell research. 

    Launched in 2013, ISlide is a footwear company that allows their customers to personalize their footwear, the slides (slip-on flip-flops) became the most popular option. Then came ISlide4Good, a "program that helps bring awareness and fundraising to sport-based nonprofits locally and around the country." Teaming up with a new nonprofit each quarter,  ISlide provides a unique fundraising opportunity.

    The McCourty's campaign runs through Black Friday, so it's the perfect way to kick off your giving (and giving back). To help the twins reach their goal of $10,000, click here to snag your own set of slides.

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