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  1. Teen Sickle Cell Warrior Saves the Life of Herself and Her Family with Quick Thinking — and an iPhone

    September 6, 2017 by Andrea


    Hurricane Harvey battered Texas, especially the Houston area, for six straight days, raining down trillions of gallons of water, killing at least 50, and leaving thousands in need of rescuing -- including a 14-year-old girl having a full-blown sickle cell crisis.

    According to an article published by CNN, sickle cell warrior Tyler Frank and her family awoke on the morning of August 27 to a severely flooded home. The water continued to rise so much so that it almost covered Tyler's head. The family fled the house, but had no way of going far, so they found themselves stranded outside in the storm, exposed to conditions that are ripe for setting off a crisis.

    After cries for help on social media and to 911 failed, Tyler had the idea to ask Siri for help -- yes, that Siri. By this time, Tyler had a fever of 103 and was experiencing increasing pain. Her idea worked, though. Siri called the Coast Guard, and on their second rescue attempt, she and her family were lifted away from the scene via helicopter.

    "It's so impressive what she and her family dealt with," Tyler's hematologist Dr. Titilope Fasipe told CNN. "I dont' think most of us can even imagine."

    Tyler was treated at the hospital and discharged last Friday to a local motel, where she and her family will stay until they can figure out their next move, post-Harvey.

    For the full story, click here.

    To donate to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, click here.

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