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  1. 3 Apps That Make Monitoring Your Nutrition Easy

    May 1, 2017 by Andrea

    nutritional balance

    Adequate nutrition is important for everyone, especially for sickle cell warriors who need to take in even more calories, vitamins, and minerals than people without SCD. But honestly, maintaining a proper nutritional balance on your own isn't always easy -- even when you think you've eaten enough fruits, vegetables, protein, fiber, etc., it isn't always the case. So, how can you ensure you're truly eating right? Try out the apps below, and then, choose the best option for you.

    1. Samsung Health
    This free app comes pre-installed on every Samsung phone and makes tracking your exercise, nutrition, and even sleep simple. Set a calorie goal in the app, record what you eat, and when you meet that goal, you'll receive a virtual badge. You can also earn badges by eating well-balanced meals. Monitor your progress with the Nutrient Balance Score, and see how much more (or less) you need of certain nutrients to reach that daily recommended intake.

    2. MyPlate
    With MyPlate, you can set nutrient goals and track your consumption of them for each meal. It's easy to do, too, since the app has a host of searchable foods and drinks, along with their associated nutrients saved in its system. There's also an online community message board to participate in, if you choose.

    3. ShopWell
    Like having a nutritionist in your pocket (or purse), this app is the perfect grocery store shopping buddy. Scan foods at the store to discover their health benefits (or lack thereof) and connect your store's loyalty card to receive healthy recommendations of what to buy. Very customizeable, this app also allows you to chose ingredients to avoid when shopping, such as gluten, nuts, and soy, as well as choose ingredients to aim for (like heart health, vegan options, or general health).

    Do you use an app to monitor your nutritional balance that's not on this list? Share it in the comments below!

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