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  1. How to Find Sponsors for Your Next Sickle Cell Fundraising Event

    August 1, 2016 by Andrea
    Photo: stocksnap.io

    Photo: stocksnap.io

    Fundraising is crucial in the fight against sickle cell, and we've talked a lot about that here. One thing we haven't touched on yet? How to find sponsors, so that you can actually pull off that benefit concert, that casino game night, or that silent auction. Check out the tips below, and then, get started planning! 

    1) Decide on sponsorship levels and benefits.
    Before you ever approach anyone (more on that, later), you'll first need to determine exactly what benefits you'll be offering to your potential donors. How many levels will there be? How much will each level cost? What benefits will fall under each level? Definitely take a look at several examples of how others have set up their benefits, and learn even more, here

    2) Research, research, research.
    Sure, there are tons of business and brands out there that sponsor events all the time, but that doesn't mean that they all fall in line with your mission. Take time to fully research companies that have a track record of donating to medical research or that serve your demographic in a relevant way. Then, you can ensure that the potential partnership is truly mutually beneficial.

    3) Make your first move.
    Once you've identified a list of several possible sponsors, it's time to reach out -- preferably over e-mail. E-mail is less intrusive than cold call and allows the recipient to read through and respond to your e-mail when it's most convenient for them. Personalize each e-mail you send as much as possible by referring to any relevant past projects the company has contributed to, mentioning a shared contact who recommended you connect, or something similar. Need some inspiration? Check out these e-mail templates. (Note: These templates are just a starting point. In your e-mail, be sure to lay out exactly what you're looking for in a sponsor and why they should contribute.)

    4) Follow Up.
    This is super important. Many times, you'll find that your first (second, or even third) round of e-mails goes unanswered. Don't settle for the sound of crickets in your inbox -- follow up about a week after your initial contact, and frame your message with a friendly tone that just suggests that perhaps your first e-mail slipped under their radar. You know they're busy and you wanted to make sure your note didn't get lost. If you still do not receive a response, send another two to three follow ups before deciding that this particular donor isn't going to end up working out.

    5) Seal the deal.
    Congrats, you've landed your first sponsor! Now what? Go ahead and schedule a phone/Skype/in-person meeting to go over their benefits and how you plan to deliver them. Then, send a thank you note -- either via e-mail or regular mail -- along with a sponsor contract and how you plan to accept payment.

    The process of finding donors for your next event can take months, so be sure to start planning well in advance. Once sponsors start signing up and committing to your event, you'll be able to nail down a solid budget and get to the fun part!

    Have you ever gotten sponsors for your sickle cell event? Share your own tips in the comments below!

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