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  1. 4 More Celebrity Advocates of Sickle Cell Disease That May Surprise You

    February 23, 2015 by Andrea

    Sickle Cell Advocacy Day is less than two months away, so we wanted to shine a light on four more celebrities who've joined the cause for sickle cell awareness. Which of these advocates were you aware of? Which of these were new to you?

    Photo: Instagram

    Photo: Instagram

    Prodigy was diagnosed with sickle cell disease SS at the age of 3. As a member of the rap group, Mobb Deep, he was able to express his anger about suffering from the disease, as well as other things he was dealing with. He has also teamed up with the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America (SCDAA) before, as a panelist at their 2011 conference and as a partner in their "No Pain" campaign, which helps create national awareness for SCD and raises funding for research, programs, and services. Prodigy has also written an autobiography about his life, a part of which details his struggles with sickle cell.

    Photo: Instagram

    Photo: Instagram

    Jourdan Dunn
    As the young mother of a son who suffers from sickle cell, British supermodel Jourdan Dunn helps raise awareness through her support of the UK-based Sickle Cell Society, as well as through her own charity work. For the past two years, she's hosted her annual Cell for Gratitude event, in which all of the proceeds from sales at that event go to the SCDAA. In 2014, she was also the SCDAA's National Parent Ambassador.

    Photo: Twitter

    Photo: Twitter

    Ryan Clark
    A carrier of sickle cell trait, former NFL player turned current NFL analyst for ESPN, Ryan Clark, started the Cure League after experiencing his own complications from the trait, as well as dealing with the loss of his sister-in-law to the disease. The Cure League raises funds for sickle cell research and awareness.

    Photo: Twitter

    Photo: Twitter

    Santonio Holmes
    Also an NFL player and carrier of sickle cell trait, Santonio was inpsired to launch his own foundation when his son, TJ, was born with sickle cell disease. The Ill and Long Foundation raises money to fund sickle cell research and provide help to families affected by SCD in other ways, as well.

  2. 4 Celebrity Advocates of Sickle Cell Disease That May Surprise You

    March 19, 2014 by Andrea

    A hereditary, non-contagious disease that leads to the misshaping of red blood cells, sickle-cell disorder affects more than 100,000 people in the U.S. -- mainly those of African descent, as well as Hispanic Americans. 

    What makes this disorder so dangerous to a person's health? Since the red blood cells no longer have the normal, round disc construct, but a half moon -- or sickle -- shape, instead, they can clog blood vessels, consequently reducing blood flow and oxygen delivery to body systems. This can also cause pain and other symptoms, such as shortness of breath, stroke, jaundice, and more. 

    Dedicated to bringing more awareness of this disease to the masses, several celebrities -- some who suffer from sickle cell and some who don't -- have begun advocating for the sickle cell community. Some of them may surprise you: 

    1. T-Boz. One-third of the TLC trio, T-Boz has been upfront about her disease for decades. She's also the national spokeswoman for the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America.


    2. Larenz Tate.
     Best known for his role as Darius Lovehall in the 1997 classic, Love Jones, Larenz doesn't suffer from sickle cell, but is a strong advocate. To bring awareness to this disorder, Larenz, along with his brothers, founded The Tate Brothers Foundation. He also focuses on educating people with sickle cell about how to avoid iron overload with the "Be Sickle Smart: Ask About Iron" campaign. 


    3. Tiki Barber. 
    Not only does this pro footballer strategize ways to win on the field, he also works hard to help others who suffer from sickle cell, as he does, win against the disease. To do so, he helps families affected by sickle cell learn more about the disorder, as well as learn more about the possibility of iron overload, which can stem from regular blood transfusions during sickle cell treatment. 

    Tiki Barber 1

    4. Kiki Shepard. While Kiki doesn't have sickle-cell disease herself, this former Showtime at the Apollo co-host is an avid supporter of sickle cell awareness. In partnership with
    The K.I.S. Foundation, which she started, Kiki and a host of celebrity friends take part in an annual bowling challenge to raise awareness of sickle cell and to advocate for the education of the public about this disease. 

    KiKi_Shepard 1

    People with sickle-cell disease are now living longer, healthier lives due to increased awareness and improved treatment. If you have sickle-cell disease -- or you know someone who does -- try adding Xickle® RBC-Plus to your regular routine. An all-natural supplement made from extracts of sorghum, clove, and pepper, Xickle® RBC-Plus can actually help prevent red blood cells from sickling. 

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