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What The Sickle Cell Community Wants the World to Know

May 11, 2015 by Andrea

We all know that, unlike many other rare diseases, sickle cell isn't something the general population talks too much about. There hasn't been an Ice Bucket Challenge-sized viral social media campaign and the only person many people, who aren't affected by SCD, associate with the disease is T-Boz from TLC. And then, the only thing they know is that she has it. 

But there are still millions of children and adults all over the world fighting sickle cell disease daily, so for the past few days, we decided to pose the following question to our Twitter community: If you could tell the world one thing about sickle cell disease, what would that be? 

Read some of their responses below and join the conversation by adding your own thoughts and ideas in the comments section. You never know where these ideas could lead!

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