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Some Sickle Cell Warriors are So Over “Ted 2”

June 29, 2015 by Andrea

ICYMI, the movie "Ted 2" hit theaters this past Friday (June 26, 2015), but not all movie-goers have found this comedy sequel funny. No, not because creator Seth McFarlane's jokes are falling short of being LOL-worthy, rather some of his jokes are rubbing many people the wrong way. One joke, in particular, has set off some members of the sickle cell community. Basically, the joke insinuates that Black men have tainted reproductive capabilities due to sickle cell.

Some people feel that the joke makes light of the disease and others see it as simply another one of McFarlane's very dark jokes -- which the first "Ted" was also known for. Check out what people are saying below: 








Either way, all of the controversy will probably only help box office sales -- and raise awareness for sickle cell disease. What do you think? Will you see the movie or will you #RejectTed2? Tell us in the comments below!

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