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April 23, 2014 by Andrea



Learning all you can about sickle cell, including coping methods, new treatments, and about upcoming conferences is paramount for living with the disease. It also helps to find a community, where you can find information and share your own thoughts and feelings. To help you get started -- whether you've been dealing with SCD for decades or your journey has just begun -- we've compiled a list of sickle cell bloggers you should add to your blogroll now:

1. Xickle.com Of course, we're going to give ourselves a shout out, too! Not only can you purchase Xickle RBC-Plus, an anti-sickling supplement directly from our site, but you can also check back weekly for new blog posts related to sickle cell. We cover coping strategies, healthy eating, sickle cell advocacy, and more.

2. Sickle Cell Warriors Launched six years ago by Tosin Ola, a registered nurse who also suffers from sickle cell, this website serves an audience of more than 10,000 people. Chock-full of valuable information on everything from nutrition and caregiving to pregnancy, profiles of other "warriors," and more, this patient-run online destination is a must for anyone involved with the sickle cell community.

3. Our Voice Dedicated to providing a place where sickle cell sufferers and caretakers can communicate and learn more about the disease, Our Voice speaks on topics, such as helping children understand the disease, developing coping strategies, keeping up with new research, and more.

4. SCDAA The Sickle Cell Disease Association of America isn't really a blog, but the website is a wonderful resource for sickle cell news. Find information on sickle cell advocates and how they're increasing awareness, and learn about clinical trials upcoming conventions, to name a few.

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