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A New Short Film About Sickle Cell Has Begun Screenings in London

July 13, 2015 by Andrea
Movie poster art: Duane Valentino

Movie poster art: Duane Valentino

When writer/director Ethosheia Hylton started doing her own research on sickle cell, she realized just how important raising awareness for this disease is -- especially in the Black community. Her research ultimately led to the inspiration for her newest short film, "Lia," which follows a South London teenager as she tries to cope with her SCD and live life as a typical teen.

According to Hylton, "Lia is a 15-year-old girl living with the sickle cell disease, who craves nothing more than to be a normal teenager like her friends and everyone else. Her strict mother Jackie doesn’t let her do anything or go anywhere and Lia has had enough. One day she decides to do what she wants for a change, disobeying her mum and staying out late with her friends in the hope of seeing her secret crush Ryan. However, the day turns sour when Lia suffers a sickle cell crisis and is left to deal with the after effect of her choices." 

Watch the trailer below and learn more about the movie by clicking here and following Hylton and Lia on Twitter.

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