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6 Quick Facts You May Not Have Known — But Should — About Xickle RBC-Plus

June 6, 2016 by Andrea
Photo: Startup Stock Photos

Photo: Startup Stock Photos

You see us pop up on your Twitter timeline every day, sharing our posts about sickle cell awareness and education. But, behind the scenes, we've got a lot more going on. Here are 6 things you may not have known -- but should -- about Xickle RBC-Plus.

1. Xickle RBC-Plus is an all-natural supplement with a formulation that helps red blood cells maintain a healthy shape and prevents clumping of cells, even during low blood oxygen conditions.

2. Basically, Xickle RBC-Plus is a new, improved form of Niprisan/Nicosan, which was approved for sickle cell treatment in Nigeria 10 years ago.

3. One of the main ingredients in Xickle RBC-Plus is sorghum, which is known to posses anti-sickling activity. The sorghum seeds were collected from 19 different countries, and once the leaves started to sprout, they were analyzed for their anti-sickling properties at the Sickle Cell Disease Reference Laboratory located at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

4. Prior to our human clinical trial, Xickle RBC-Plus became one out of 700 compounds tested by the Sickle Cell Disease Reference Laboratory shown to be effective in treating mice with human sickle cell disease.

5. We are currently in the process of obtaining FDA approval. For a little more than a year, we've been conducting a clinical trial in which participants were given the drug equivalent of Xickle RBC-Plus. At certain intervals during the trial, blood was drawn from each participant and placed under low oxygen conditions, so that the reactions of the treated red blood cells could be studied.

6. Xickle RBC-Plus has no known toxicity, so it can be safely used to help prevent red blood cell sickling it warriors of all ages. In fact, in pre-clinical studies, Xickle RBC-Plus was shown to be safe at more than 100 times the recommended dose.

Have more questions? Contact us during normal business hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT) at 855-994-2553.

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