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Put the “Fun” Back Into Your Fundraising for Sickle Cell

September 23, 2015 by Andrea
Photo: CreateHer Stock

Photo: CreateHer Stock

Yes, sickle cell is a very serious disease, and caregivers and patients often deal with anxiety about when the next crisis will arise, how they'll ever catch up on schoolwork missed for hospital visits, along with many other concerns. But, you can't let sickle cell control your life -- that's why we call SCD patients "warriors," after all. So, always make time to find instances to celebrate life and every good moment you have.

One way to inject a little levity into the situation is through your fundraising efforts. Here are a couple of ideas from others that you can replicate in your own community:

1) Go Bowling. Who doesn't love a little friendly competition? Take a page from Kiki Shepard's book and have a blast with friends, family, and other supporters on the lanes, while raising awareness and donations for the cause.

2) Hold a Benefit Concert. Whether you want to highlight local acts or go big and call inĀ  some celebrity reinforcements, you're sure to have a good turnout when there's music and dancing involved -- just look at how they did it Nashville, recently. Work with an event planner to help get the ball rolling, and give all proceeds from ticket sales to the sickle cell association of your choice.

3) Fill the Bucket. Or boot, in this case. Challenge your community to sponsor a bucket, boot, or other item to fill and whichever team (or individual) who raises the most money in their bucket wins. You can honor the winners in any way you want -- a small gift, a shout out on social media, or a combination of both -- and then, turn over all of the funds raised to your local sickle cell foundation or a specific sickle cell family in need.

4) Get All Dolled Up. Throw the perfect date night event -- and raise money for sickle cell -- by hosting a gala. Invite a headlining musician, speaker, or actor who will draw in a large audience and plan an amazing dinner meal for the guests. You can even easily make this event a double-whammy when it comes to fundraising by holding a silent auction at the event, as well. For inspo, check out how these people did it.

5) Make a Date with Lady Luck. Game nights are always fun, so put a little spin on things and make it a casino night! Ticket sales and sponsorship opportunities for the event are great ways to raise money (check out how the McCourty Twins do it), and your guests will have a blast playing all of their casino favorites while giving back to the sickle cell community at the same time. Now, that's a real win-win.

What other ideas do you have for putting the FUN back in to your fundraising for sickle cell? Share them in the comments below!

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