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There’s Finally a Podcast Dedicated to Sickle Cell

June 26, 2018 by Andrea

Two years ago, we discussed the lack of podcasts centered on sickle cell disease and wrote about how launching your very own is a great way to raise awareness of SCD all year long. A couple years later, and there's still a void on the this subject in this space. But, as of this past World Sickle Cell Day, one group set out to help change that. 

Sickle Cell 101, a nonprofit organization that focuses on sickle cell education through social media, launched their podcast on June 19, 2018. Hosted by Cass and Stephen -- a sickle cell warrior and founder of Sickle Cell 101 and a pharmacist and sickle cell trait carrier, respectively -- the inaugural episode covers the current state of sickle cell across the globe and touches on topics, such as what sickle cell is and how it is inherited, how sickle cell warriors can best take care of themselves, the stigma associated with warriors and pain medications, the misconception some have that sickle cell is witchcraft, and more. 

As an organization, Sickle Cell 101 also gives out annual Sickle Cell Advocates of the Year awards and hosts an HBCU sickle cell college tour. We're not sure how often new episodes of their podcast will air, but be sure to follow them on Twitter and Instagram for updates.

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