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Nigeria Receives Generous Donation from Billionaire to Build a Sickle Cell Clinic

June 6, 2016 by Andrea


In the United States, sickle cell disease is seen as a rare disorder with just about 1,000 babies being born with the disease each year. But, as we know, SCD is a global health concern, and in contrast, sickle cell is quite common in sub-Saharan Africa -- especially in Nigeria. It is estimated that there, more than 100,000 babies are born with SCD each year.

That's why the announcement made on May 29, 2016 that oil tycoon and Nigerian billionaire, Prince Arthur Eze donated N5 million (about $25,100 in U.S. money) to the Association of People Living With Sickle Cell Disorder is so important and exciting. As reported by AllAfrica.com, the money is set to go toward the building of a new sickle cell clinic. "The clinic shall be of a world class standard and shall cater for the medical, psychological, and physical care of all sicklers in the state, and it shall be named after Eze, the sole donor of the project," Aisha Edwards, the Association's co-coordinator, told AllAfrica.com in a recent interview.

This clinic will help knock down some barriers when it comes to making affordable, specialized, and immediate care available to Nigerians living with SCD.

For more information on this project, read the original article in its entirety here.

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