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Celebrate National Cookie Day with These SCD-Related Goodies

December 4, 2017 by Andrea

It's no wonder National Cookie Day is in December, what with so many glorious varieties to bake for the holidays. But, you don't have to stick with the typical sugar cookie cut-outs -- you can infuse a little sickle cell awareness into your treats. 

Get ready to pull out all the stops (and the flour, icing, and sugar) because we've rounded up five genetics- and blood cell-related cookie examples to help fuel your inspiration. 

Delectable Genes 

National Cookie Day DNA


Baked Blood Cells 

National Cookie Day Baked Blood Cells


Under-the-Microscope Cookies

National Cookie Day Under the Microscope



RBCs + Tasty Test Tubes  

National Cookie Day RBCs and Test Tubes


Gingerbread Biology 

National Cookie Day Gingerbread Biology





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