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How to Turn the March for Science’s Actions into Sickle Cell Activism

April 24, 2017 by Andrea
march for science

Poster design: marchforscience.com


The March for Science -- which saw protesters all over the world stand up against the Trump administration's "alternative facts"-driven outlook on the discipline -- took place on Earth Day (Saturday, April 22, 2017). And while the majority of the march's focus seemed to center on climate change, the Flint water crisis, and wildlife protection, scientific research of all kinds is championed by the marchers, supporters, and activists.

That includes research and advancements for sickle cell disease.

This new week post-march is one of continued action and provides the perfect opportunity to further awareness of SCD, starting with today (Monday, April 24), in which the theme is "Science Discovers." The march's website provides various ideas on how to participate in this first day of action: promote science outreach, plan a science game night, and get others involved. Building upon the March for Science's suggestions, we've got a few thoughts on how you can tailor your first day of action -- and the rest of the week's -- to be sickle cell-specific:

1. Plan an informal teach-in (or series of teach-ins) at a local school, church, or community organization to be held in the near future. Partner with a nearby chapter of the SCDAA or other similar group to bring in experts and speakers.

2. Suggest that your book club choose a sickle cell-themed book for your next selection, and come to the meeting ready to discuss what you've all learned, and brainstorm ways you can support the community.

3. Create your own SCD-themed card game or board game with family and friends. Then, host a game night to actually play your newest masterpiece. It's a fun way to educate yourself and others you know about sickle cell. Check out this list of science-related games for inspiration on developing your own.

As you work on those ideas and begin the planning process, keep the other days of action in mind, too, and implement more activities and programs so that your year is full of activism and awareness.

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