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Manage Sickle Cell Disease Symptoms

Xickle® RBC-Plus™ Available as Supplement

Red Blood Cell Disease, Manage Sickle Cell Disease SymptomsSickle Cell disease is a life-long disease that affects your red blood cells by limiting the amount of oxygen they produce. Sickle Cell disease distorts the shape of your red blood cells and can obstruct the blood cell flow in your body leading to low blood oxygen. Symptoms that are caused by this disease include sudden and severe pain, fatigue especially after activities, and much worse. Here at Xickle®, we’ve created a drug that can help you manage Sickle Cell disease symptoms called Xickle® RBC-Plus™!

Xickle® RBC-Plus™ has shown positive results in clinical trials and that is to help manage Sickle Cell disease symptoms such as severe and sudden pain, trouble sleeping, fatigue, and it improved ulcer healing. It has also guards against the agents that cause your red blood cells to clog your blood vesicles, potentially leading to organ failure.

Call 855-994-2553 today with any comments or questions about any of the red blood cell disease products available from Xickle®, or email us at help@xickle.com.

Benefits of Xickle® RBC-Plus™

Xickle® RBC-Plus™ helps prevent further red blood cell damage. When taken as an ongoing regimen, it has demonstrated that it helps its users with fatigue and boosts their energy especially during vigorous exercise. The ingredients of Xickle® RBC-Plus™ are all natural and consist of extracts of clove, pepper and sorghum.

In the clinical trials, patients began seeing beneficial results within 10 to 20 days. However, we recommend at least a 90 day trial for best results. Xickle® RBC-Plus™ is your primary defense against day-to-day environmental hazards that can impede the ability of your red blood cells to supply oxygen to your blood.

Manage Sickle Cell Disease Symptoms with Xickle® RBC-Plus™

Xickle® RBC-Plus™ is in the process of getting approved by the FDA. You may ask, why is Xickle® RBC-Plus™ sold as a supplement and still go through clinical trials as a drug? Those are the rules of the FDA as part of the process. That can take years, but why wait when you can purchase this beneficial supplement now?

Don’t wait any longer to experience the benefits of this wonderful supplement. Call us today at 855-994-2553 for more information on what Xickle® RBC-Plus™ can do to help manage Sickle Cell disease symptoms, or fill out the form to the right and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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