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Here’s How One Man Uses His Voice to Give Hope to Others with Sickle Cell

July 20, 2015 by Andrea
Photo: Chris Leger/speak2myfuture.me

Photo: Chris Leger/speak2myfuture.me

It all started because Chris Leger needed an outlet to escape the shame and the pain he felt from being a sickle cell warrior. "Sickle cell anemia basically crippled my existence until I made up my mind that I would run better, I would fight better, and I would be better," Chris wrote on his blog. Part of that process was to write. He explains that, for him, writing -- anything from poetry to rap lyrics to plays -- helped him overcome bouts of depression and helped take his mind off of his disease.

The culmination of all of that writing has recently been published as an album called "Sick-O-Cell," which you can download from iTunes. According to Chris, "This album is me not giving up; this is me continuing to run. This album is how I can provide hope to the world."

Read all about Chris's journey and inspiration to raise awareness through his music here. Then, download "Sick-O-Cell" and check out what he has to say.

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