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These Kits May Revolutionize the Way People Learn About Sickle Cell Disease

January 11, 2016 by Andrea

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education is a growing focus in schools, as society realizes how important it is in helping future generations prep to enter a competitive working world with an understanding of each STEM discipline. Understanding, after all, can lead to innovations and advancements. One company, MyStemKits, has developed various sets of manipulatives to help students engage more fully in their STEM studies -- and one of those kits specifically addresses sickle cell. Instead of simply reading about sickle cell and looking at pictures, students are able to touch, assemble, rearrange, etc. to gain better insight into how genetic mutations occur and what can happen because of them. 

Think this might be something you'd like to have for your school, lab, enrichment program, or community outreach event? All you'll need is a 3D printer and Internet access. Rather than having to order expensive sets, you can simply visit MyStemKits's cloud-based library, choose the SCD kit, print it, and watch as the objects in the kit are created right in front of your eyes! In addition to the kits themselves, MyStemKits also provides lesson plants that are aligned to teaching standards.

For more information, check out MyStemKits website and watch their Kickstarter video below:

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