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Family Activities for a Sickle Cell-Friendly Fall

October 2, 2017 by Andrea
fall activities

Photo: @snapavelli from nappy.co

Every year, the first Monday in October is recognized as National Child Health Day. That makes today (and every day) the perfect time to teach children with sickle cell how to stay healthy all year round while still having fun and living a normal life. To start, here's a list of fall activities and ideas that can help kids learn to identify things they can do, and avoid triggering a crisis when the weather cools off.

1) Go apple picking.
One of the most popular autumn activities, apple picking gives kids a chance to be outdoors when it's not too hot or too cold, and learn a bit more about healthy food options. Many of these farms also have full-on fall festivals, so once you're done picking your fruit, you can take a hay ride around the property while you sip on warm apple cider and snack on kettle corn.

2) Get lost in a corn maze.
A great source of low-impact exercise, corn mazes are fun for the whole family. Not only do these mazes get you moving, but they also help work your mind, as you and your kids can work together to figure the way out. Be sure to layer up and bring along water bottles to stay hydrated.

3) Rake leaves together.
Reiterate to your children the importance of layering when it's chilly outside, especially as sickle cell warriors, and then get them moving a bit by allowing them to help you rake the leaves. And of course, as a reward for their help, they've got to do the most fun part -- jumping in the pile.

4) Have a movie marathon.
Temps too low for outdoor fall activities? Let your child know that when this happens, it's best to stay inside for most of the day. Staying in doesn't have to be boring though: You can watch a marathon of fall-themed Hallmark movies, play board games, and read together.

5) Cook or bake together.
There's nothing like cozying up with the fam in the kitchen to create a delicious fall menu -- especially one that's healthy. Consider items like pumpkin muffins, squash soup, roasted brussels sprouts, and kale chips, for example.

What activities do you plan to participate in this fall? Tell us in the comments below, or tweet us @XickleRBC.

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