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New Documentary Shows the Reality of Sickle Cell, Straight From a Warrior’s Perspective

October 12, 2015 by Andrea


Unless you're a sickle cell warrior yourself or the caretaker of one, it can be difficult to fully grasp the painful realities that people with SCD live through on a regular basis. Lately, there have been some amazing films produced in effort to bring these struggles to light, and they have done wonders in helping increase awareness, but to get a glimpse into the real life of an actual person living with SCD, you'll need to check out the new 20K Films documentary, "Sick Cells."

Following the day-to-day life of warrior Marqus Valentine, which includes a look into his family's fridge that's not only filled with food, but also with dozens of IV bags and medication, "Sick Cells" takes the viewer inside the journey of Marqus and his family. You'll also be privy to video diaries of his hospital stays and painful nights, the process he and his family must take to get ready for out-of-town trips, and many other aspects of his life. 

"I just want the world to realize that this illness isn't what a lot of people think or isn't what you read in a textbook," Marqus shares in the "Sick Cells" trailer. "This illness is attached to that person and that person's family's life. It affects your life. It affects the people who love and who are around you's life."

Screenings for this documentary are planned to begin in the summer of 2016, but until then, you can watch the "Sick Cells" trailer below. You also have the opportunity to help fund the production donating here.


Sick Cells: A Documentary from 20K Films on Vimeo.

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