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We can now say that there is strong clinical evidence that Xickle® RBC-Plus (the supplement equivalent of SCD-101) is a "promising new drug for the treatment of sickle cell disease." Those are not our words. That is what was presented at the 58th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology by Dr. Peter Gillette. Here is the reference. Just click HERE. In addition the study on the benefits of Xickle concluded the following:

  • The drug was well tolerated.
  • Reduced chronic pain.
  • Reduced fatigue (a common problem with sickle cell disease).
  • Also observed was improved sleep and ulcer healing.

We would like to say that Xickle® RBC-Plus is already approved by the FDA. But that takes time, perhaps another three or four years. So WHY WAIT. Xickle® RBC-Plus is available now as a supplement for red blood cell disease.

You might ask, how can we sell Xickle® RBC-Plus as a supplement and still do clinical trials as a drug? Those are the rules of the FDA. As long as you introduce your drug as a supplement before you get approval to do the clinical trials, you can continue to sell it even when the trials are ongoing and before it is approved by the FDA. That is very good news for all those with sickle cell disease.

Protect and preserve the function and structure of your Red Blood Cells with Xickle® RBC-Plus™.

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