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5 All-Natural, Sickle Cell-Approved Bath and Body Products to Keep You Stress-Free

October 26, 2016 by Andrea

It's important for Warriors to manage stress, so painful crises can be avoided. There are many ways to do so -- you can meditate, begin a yoga practice, or soak in a soothing bath. Recreate that spa-like atmosphere in your own home by playing relaxing background music and treating yourself to some holiday-inspired bath bombs. It's the perfect way to warm up from the cold, improve blood flow, and unwind after a long day.

Check out our round-up of these all-natural bath brands that will help keep your skin hydrated and your mind stress-free.

1. Foxie Cosmetics
This completely vegan line's limited-edition Halloween collection is full of fun, fall scents and soothing ingredients. Try the jack-o'-lantern-shaped Chopped in Half bath bomb that will "leave your skin smooth, hydrated and your achy muscles will no longer feel like you've been chopped in half after a long day." Or, grab the Elvira bath bomb, scented with frankincense, myrrh, and orchids. One Warrior commented that Foxie Cosmetics is one of the few products she trusts and uses regularly.


2. LUSH Cosmetics
A 100% vegetarian brand, LUSH boasts natural ingredients like balsamic vinegar, frankincense oil, and sandalwood, among many others. Keep holiday stress at bay with one of LUSH's Christmas-inspired products -- the Peeping Santa bubble bar is layered with Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, Fair Trade shea butter, and geranium oil, just to name a few. Or, try the jasmine-scented Mistletoe bath bomb.


3. Herbivore Botanicals
Though not specifically holiday-related, Herbivore's coconut milk bath soak is perfect for a relaxing soak any time of year. Plus, the aromatherapy from this soak can help keep stress and anxiety from wreaking havoc: The scent of coconut may numb your fight-or-flight response, and the smell of vanilla is said to help boost mood.



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