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“In general, [I'm] just feeling healthier, having a little bit more energy. [What I like best] is the crisis prevention… I don’t feel that pain and I feel rejuvenated. I got my step back.”

MORE EXCITING NEWS. OUR CLINICAL TRIAL IS GOING WELL. In a couple of months there will be an official announcement of the initial results. EXPECT TO BE REALLY EXCITED. Don’t wait for the publication, you can get your Xickle RBC-Plus right now and enjoy all the benefits, like increased energy, less fatigue and less pain.


Xickle RBC-Plus™ contains clove, pepper and sorghum and is a new and improved system to protect the function of your red blood cells by guarding their structural integrity from shape distortion, damage or destruction from certain conditions including low blood oxygen (hypoxic conditions) that can happen, particularly during vigorous exercise.


Red Blood Cell Health and Red Blood Cell ProtectionXickle RBC-Plus™ can also reduce red blood cell clumping that can obstruct blood cell flow and can therefore guard against the side effects of the release of toxic constituents during red blood cell death.


Xickle RBC-Plus™ is your primary defense against the day-to-day environmental hazards that can decrease and degrade the ability of your red blood cells to supply life-giving oxygen to every cell in your body. Xickle RBC-Plus™ guards against those agents that can distort red blood cells and cause them to clog blood vesicles and cause pain and organ degeneration and possible organ failure. *


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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We want to protect our children and ourselves from the ravages of conditions that damage red blood cells and lead to pain and even possible organ failure.
Xickle RBC-Plus™ helps you do just that and lets children and adults lead healthier and happier lives, something we all want for ourselves and especially for our children.


Red Blood Cell Health and Red Blood Cell Protection
Why Xickle?

Xickle RBC-Plus™ is an all-natural product based on a proven formulation tested in many clinical trials.

Benefits of Xickle™
  • Helps Prevent Further Red Blood Cell Damage

  • Based on Scientific Published Results

  • Completely Natural and SAFE


Xickle RBC-Plus™ is also the perfect supplement to take when you are doing vigorous exercise and worried about the possible after effects. You will experience more energy and less fatigue.

Learn more about the benefits of Xickle and how it can help reduce red blood cell clumping that can obstruct blood flow.


Red Blood Cell Health Support, Helping You Live a Happy and Healthy Life.

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